About Me

Hello! My name is Lachlan Slape. I am a graduate student living in Brisbane, Australia and looking for remote employment. I am a programmer, GNU/Linux enthusiast and a full time nerd who is quick to adapt without much help or supervision. As a programmer, I follow many philosophies including: KISS (Keep it simple stupid) and the Unix philosophy of do one thing and do it right. As a lot of the things I create are scripts, my main programming language is Python. However I do mess around with source code programmed in C for my terminal emulator and window manager.

Outside of programming, I have a huge passion for sciences (mainly physics) and mathematics. I guess my interests in physics and mathematics probably stems from my love in programming, with how I love to learn the underlying mechanics of everything.


Student ICT Mentoring Program

I taught other students how to use ICT devies, including their own Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) devies and server technologies. This also included fixing problems students were facing with their own devices.

Work Experience - ABL IT

Included a mixturing of working on client computer related issues, searching for potential clients and programming in Javascript for clients.



  • Subject Award for Digital Solutions (Year 11)


  • Queensland Certificate of Education awarded
  • ATAR score of 90.50 achieved


  • Logical and efficient thinker
  • Quick learner and can learn independently
  • Programming knowledge in C, C++, Python, C#, and website scripting languages
  • Basic knowledge of the Japanese language

My Projects


kadai - a python program - is one of my most polished projects that I have completed. It is a simple yet extensible program that generates color-schemes based on a wallpaper it’s given. It’s extensible nature allows you to add hooks to the program and update pretty much anything, from your terminal to even gtk-based applications.


jyou was written to go hand-in-hand with my previous project, kadai. Like kadai, jyou is programmed using python, and features a minimal lockscreen wallpaper generated aimed at people with multiple monitors. It has features including adding blur and darkening the image. jyou shines with it’s multiple monitor generation, aimed at programs similar to i3lock that do not place the image per monitor, but instead stretch it over all of them.

This project relates to my main website, an extemely simple and bare bones website aimed at directing people where to go for the information they need about me.